General terms and conditions

1. Contractual partner and subject matter of the contract

The contracting parties are

  • the end customer, hereinafter referred to as USER
  • the person called, hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER
  • hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE

The WEBSITE offers the PROVIDER a possibility of communication at the USER's expense. The communication is charged per minute. Prices can be chosen by the PROVIDER or are specified on the WEBSITE. The PROVIDER receives from the WEBSITE a commission of 0,66 Euro net per call minute. A gross payment with VAT will only be made in the Netherlands after presentation of a Dutch VAT number (BTW number). Payments abroad are made exclusive of VAT.

Commissions for PROVIDERS are paid out after the selected payout limit has been reached. Once the payout limit has been reached, a payout will be made by the 15th of the month following that in which the limit was reached. For transfers outside the SEPA payment area, the fees will be split between WEBSITE and PROVIDER.

2. Service relationships

A contractual relationship is established between USER and WEBSITE, as well as PROVIDER and WEBSITE.

3. Registration

The registration with false documents, false payment data, under a false name or under an invalid or false e-mail address can lead to the immediate termination of the contract between WEBSITE and PROVIDER, USER. Termination is reserved by the WEBSITE. In this case, the WEBSITE reserves the right to file a criminal complaint. By sending a copy of the identity card, the PROVIDER assures that the data on the identity card applies completely to the PROVIDER. He assures that only he uses the access data and that all uploaded photos/videos show the PROVIDER. By registering as PROVIDER you agree that the photos, videos and texts uploaded by you may be used for advertising purposes of any kind by the WEBSITE and its partners. Even after logging out / deleting one's own access. The PROVIDER confirms that he has not activated any mailbox.

The PROVIDER agrees to be available for USER at any time if the PROVIDER has activated this. The use of a mailbox is not allowed. It is not allowed to turn off the phone during the activation on Amalines. The PROVIDER shall ensure that he deactivates his availability on Amalines if the telephone is used otherwise.

The provider receives an individual referral link to referr other PROVIDERS. Once the referred PROVIDER reaches a revenue of 100 Euro, the referring PROVIDER receives a bonus of 100 Euro. The referral program is active for 12 months from February, 14th 2020. If not stipulated otherwise, the term time prolongs automatically by 1 month. If a PROVIDER is referred by another PROVIDER, both PROVIDERS see each other's user id and user nicknames (not real names). The reffering PROVIDER furthermore sees how much % of the first 100 Euro in revenue the referred PROVIDER reached.

4. Links

Links to other websites are not permitted. The WEBSITE reserves the right to delete or edit links.

5. Unsubscribe / delete

USER, PROVIDERS can unsubscribe and thus deactivate their access at any time and without giving reasons. For this purpose, the WEBSITE requires a separate message by email. Access can be cancelled and deactivated, but all associated data cannot be deleted. A deregistration is only considered as confirmed if the USER, PROVIDER has received an email from the WEBSITE for confirmation. The commission is not paid to the PROVIDER if the minimum payout (£25.00) was not reached. Payment will be made at the end of the month following the cancellation.

6. Cancellation of a PROVIDER by the WEBSITE

The WEBSITE reserves the right to terminate the contractual partnership with the PROVIDER without giving reasons. The existing credit balance will be paid out to the PROVIDER during the next payment cycle.

The WEBSITE reserves the right to block/delete PROVIDER accounts that have not had a login for more than 2 years.

The payment of the existing credit will not be made if

  • the PROVIDER has used an identity other than his own for the purpose of registration
  • the PROVIDER has used the means of communication of the website to solicit USER to other portals
  • the PROVIDER publishes copyrighted content (e.g. photos, texts) on the WEBSITE, for which he does not possess any rights of use
  • the PROVIDER has not been active on Amalines for over 2 years (no login, no calls). The WEBSITE reserves the right to terminate the contractual partnership with the PROVIDER in this case
  • the PROVIDER did not reach the minimum payout (25,00 Euro)
  • the PROVIDER violated the rules for advertising their number as described in 12.

With the termination of the contractual relationship, the WEBSITE does not waive possible claims for damages, also criminal offences (falsification of documents, copyright infringement) are forwarded to the appropriate local law enforcement authorities.

7. Accessibility and usability

The WEBSITE is not liable for the inaccessibility of the Internet site or the accessibility between PROVIDER and USER. The WEBSITE is also not liable for financial or other damages caused by technical defects. Technical errors must be reported to the WEBSITE by e-mail. The WEBSITE will then attempt to remedy the defect. The PROVIDER must ensure that he is online and reachable if he has indicated this to the USER. In case of non-fulfilment the PROVIDER can be cancelled without notice.

8. Default of payment

If the payment of a USER is cancelled or cannot be collected, access to the WEBSITE will be blocked. The user is in default of payment. Cancellations and cancellation fees will be deducted from the turnover or charged to the PROVIDER.

9. Right of revocation

The USER hereby confirms that it has been advised that the right of withdrawal expires after the call has been made. The WEBSITE in conjunction with the PROVIDER shall commence with the execution of the service immediately after dialling the telephone number.

10. Data storage

By sending his user data, the USER and PROVIDER give his consent to the storage of his personal data. These personal data cannot be deleted. When logging out, however, this data is deactivated and no longer used.

11. Payments to PROVIDERS

Payments can only be made to PROVIDERS if the name on the ID card stored for activation is identical to the name of the account details. Payments to accounts of other persons are NOT possible.

12. Advertisement of the assigned telephone number by the PROVIDER

The PROVIDER undertakes to advertise the telephone number assigned by the WEBSITE to the PROVIDER only as required by law. Any naming of the Amalines telephone number must be accompanied by the corresponding price indication

(" Precio máximo por llamada: red fija 1,21 €/min; red movil 1,58 €/min impuestos incluidos. ")

Should the WEBSITE suffer financial or other damages due to an incorrect sdvertisement of the PROVIDER, these will be claimed as costs from the PROVIDER.

13. Prohibition on use of voicemail

The PROVIDER undertakes not to use any voicemail facility or answer phone on the line they use to receive calls while logged in to the service.

14. Notifications by EMAIL

The USER, PROVIDER, grants the WEBSITE the right, unless objected to by the USER, to inform the WEBSITE of any news about the offer or other offers of the WEBSITE or its partners.

15. Age restriction

USER and PROVIDERS confirm to be at least 18 years old and of legal age in their country. Participation in the offer of the WEBSITE as a minor is not permitted. Calling minors is not allowed. Content harmful to minors is not permitted.

16. Access data and use as PROVIDER

The PROVIDER undertakes not to pass on access data to third parties, in particular minors. The PROVIDER undertakes to be the only person to use the access data. In the event of loss or theft of access data to third parties, the WEBSITE must be informed immediately.

17. USER data and use as PROVIDER

The PROVIDER undertakes not to use USER data for any purpose other than in communications with the WEBSITE. In the event of loss or theft of USER data to third parties, the WEBSITE must be informed immediately.

By using this service, the USER acknowledges that their telephone number will be visible to the PROVIDER.

18. Liability of the Website

The WEBSITE is not liable for transmitted contents, data or files. The WEBSITE is not liable for damages resulting from the transmission of content, data or files. The WEBSITE shall not be liable for any damages resulting from calls made to the PROVIDERS. The WEBSITE is not liable for the inaccessibility of the PROVIDER.

19. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the parties to the contract with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

The applicable law and place of jurisdiction shall be the Netherlands.